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About CM Video Games

Pioneering Excellence in Interactive Entertainment: A Vanguard Perspective

At Conquest Management (CM), we initiate an exciting journey as trailblazers, shaping the dynamic landscape of digital experiences. Our dedication lies in pioneering innovative solutions that redefine the paradigm of video game industry representation. Esteemed game developers, studios, and publishers across the globe place their trust in us, recognizing our unparalleled ability to elevate their unique capabilities to new heights.

CM’s avant-garde approach extends beyond conventional boundaries. Our advisory and transactional services seamlessly weave into the entire lifecycle of a venture, guiding it from the initial spark of conceptualization to the grand moment of launch. Throughout the spectrum of production, promotion, and execution, our influence is transformative, leaving an indelible mark on the trajectory of each project.

Functioning as a vital nexus, CM bridges the gap between the gaming sector and the expansive entertainment cosmos. We don’t merely connect; we cultivate connections with precision. Employing cutting-edge frameworks, we intricately interlink conventional, digital, and interactive entities. Our elite expertise ensures a synergy that propels projects to unprecedented levels of success.

Conquest Management where innovation meets expertise, and together, we shape the future of digital experiences in the video game industry.

About CM Video Games

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Business Analytics

Our team offers market data analysis, competitive analysis, sales data and tracking, staffing plans, and budgeting.

Agency Services

Clients have access to CM’s extensive business network and agency services including talent, licensing, management & acquisition.

Business Development

We provide arena evaluation, creative assements, road show planning, and materials generation & consultation.

Operational Services

Our expertise contains resources management, revenue projections, growth management, professional services, and business planning.