About CM Television

CM clients lead from both sides of the camera.

Conquest Management distinguishes itself as a premier representative company for exceptional creators, performers, personalities, and esteemed brands in the dynamic television industry. Our diverse clientele navigates the complete television landscape with sophistication, engaging in scripted programming, live sports broadcasts, reality series, and across various networks and cable television platforms.

Key Attributes

Comprehensive Representation: We provide comprehensive representation for outstanding talent, ensuring a seamless integration into scripted shows, live sports events, and reality series.

Versatility Across Genres: Our agency’s expertise extends across a spectrum of genres, reflecting our commitment to excellence in scripted programming, sports broadcasting, and reality television.

Network and Cable Presence: Conquest Management facilitates strategic engagements, enabling our clients to thrive on both network and cable television, reaching broad and diverse audiences.

Experience the epitome of professional representation with Conquest Management, where excellence and versatility converge in the dynamic world of television.

Alternative TV Talent

Experience the charisma of Conquest Management’s Alternative Television Talent, including media personalities, hosts, and stars of reality series. We take pride in nurturing unique talents that redefine television entertainment.

Sports & News Media Talent

In the competitive world of sports broadcasting, our group represents some of the globe’s most esteemed talent, both behind the booth and in the studio. CM’s news division showcases anchors, hosts, correspondents, and commentators, delivering insightful perspectives to diverse audiences.


At the heart of compelling television programming are the brilliant minds behind the scenes. Conquest Management proudly represents the creative forces shaping captivating narratives—showrunners, writers, directors, and producers who craft award-winning content.

Scripted TV Talent

Our roster boasts some of the television industry’s most prolific and celebrated actors and actresses. From seasoned performers to emerging stars, Conquest Management clients take center stage in critically acclaimed and commercially successful programming.

Alternative & Nonscripted TV

Dive into the realm of creativity as Conquest Management clients spearhead reality programs, documentaries, docuseries, lifestyle television, and more. We empower creators to bring diverse and engaging content to television screens worldwide.

Discover the Conquest Management difference—where excellence meets innovation in television talent representation.